Peacock Manor

A film by Vivienne Vaughn


Peacock Manor is a gothic horror film about Abigail Fortuna, a singer who rose to great fame in the 1950s — however, for every great stroke of luck she had, someone close to her would die. Amid the controversy of her stardom, she cut her own career short, retiring to live on a rural peacock plantation.

The film begins 20 years after this point; Abigail hires Vince, a psychiatrist, to live on the plantation and help treat her, as her sanity has begun to deteriorate from living in such isolated conditions for so many years.

During his stay at Abigail’s estate, Vince begins to notice unusual occurrences on the property, and as he delves further into the mystery surrounding Abigail, his discoveries become increasingly sinister. 

Director’s Statement

I have had a lifelong affinity for the 1950s and the Gothic horror genre and I am eager to marry the two in this macabre tale, creating a fresh and unique cross-genre short film. Thematically, Peacock Manor’s plot acts as an allegory for the price of fame, detailing the downfall of a sick woman after she made vast sacrifices for her career, and the psychiatrist who unluckily crosses her path.

Peacock Manor is a horror film at its core, and contains elements of the supernatural and punctuated with ghastly moments. The short stems from a myriad of inspirations, including the writings of Flannery O’Connor and Edgar Allen Poe, and also films such as Sunset Boulevard and Santa Sangre.

I hope that creating a short of Peacock Manor will enable me to one day create a feature-length version based on the original material.

I know I’m wanting everything involved in the $100 range!!

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