"Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people’s."

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Disocactus flagelliformis / Rat Tail Cactus
Timberline Gardens, Arvada, Colorado

While touring the grounds, owner Kelly Grummons mentioned a few of his favorite plants, including this rat tail cactus, which he has had since his youth.  He said it is like a mascot for the nursery - and it is quite beautiful.


We’re excited to announce the launch of a crowdfunding campaign with our friends from Colectivos en Acción, to support the Caravan for the Well-being of Mesoamerican Peoples in Resistance!

En español: Ayúdanos a difundir este proyecto! El Laboratorio Ambulante para el Buen Vivir:

The Caravan is a project in solidarity with indigenous communities, barrios, and farming villages that are cultivating autonomous alternatives in the face of territorial dispossession. From Mexico to Panama, we’ll document and foster the use of independent media and eco-technologies as tools that strengthen communal well-being.

Help us create the mobile laboratory that will bring us to the communities!: visit https://goteo.org/project/laboratorio-ambulante-para-el-buen-vivir/?lang=en and share the campaign with your networks. We’re looking for monetary donations as well as donations of media equipment, bike tools, graphics, and translation.

Learn more about the project: http://caravanaparaelbuenviviren.wordpress.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/737069252995816/?source=1 Twitter: @Accion_Autonoma

About us: Colectivos en Acción para el Buen Vivir de los Pueblos en Resistencia is an open network of collectives from Mexico, Germany, the United States, and other parts of the world who work in independent media and eco-technologies.

"I don’t get it why there should be more minority characters in movies and tv series. Most of the population is white and straight anyways, and for them it’s more difficult to identify with characters who are gay or black or disabled or whatever."

Women’s studies major (Finland)

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Dad called and told me to go check the sunset

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my respect for this pinup model went down the drain

But it’s not like she’s putting it down or insulting it. So,I don’t understand the stigma attached to people painting themselves up as Day of the Dead themed. What makes something like this culture appropriation? I’m honestly curious as to why people say it does

Yea, it’s one thing if you make fun of or put down the culture but she’s just interested in the makeup and I’m sure if it was a festival that there was educating about the tradition as well…I don’t see how it’s “cultural appropriation”. It’s not like she was being ignorant about it. At least not that I can see.

I didn’t post a lot of the bullshit she told me, luna-lee and powwwowww but I’m sure if you saw that also, you’d be pretty pissed off at what she said. She basically said that Dia de los Muertos is a Halloween costume (she had tagged another photo of the makeup as #halloweenmakeup) and brought up her “everyone has the right to their own opinion” nonsense. But “being interested in the makeup” is not going to let us let her get away with it. Our culture and holidays shouldn’t be turned into some makeup demo like that or “costume.” If she respected day of the dead and had an interest, she wouldn’t do something like this.

ITS OFFENSIVE! It’s not her culture. It’s not her holiday. She can’t pick and choose which parts of being Mexican she wants. It’s not Halloween. It’s an entirely different holiday! And OMG I wish I would have screen shot what she said. Her response was basically “my kids are going to be half Mexican so I’m allowed to.” UHM NO. Your nonexistent kids are going to be half Mexican. NOT YOU! And she tried to make it seem like people dressing up like “Italian gangsters” was offensive to her because her family is Italian. HOW ON ANY PLANET IS THAT EVEN COMPARABLE!? She’s an idiot and she’s rude as fuck in real life. I actually met her once at a PUGB event and she shoved by me more than once and was scowling at me the entire night for no reason! So no, she’s garbage.

Ugh, gross… & it’s one thing if she’s there getting/talking about traditional Día de los Muertos makeup. We have a parade in Albuquerque where the organizers like everyone attending to paint their faces in a respectful, traditional way. Halloween/spooky/scary stuff is NOT allowed. “Macabre spider queen”… how can you really defend that shit?

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Gracias Virgencita de Guadalupe for these bomb ass tacos you have blessed me with… #tacotuesday #balmyalley #lamission #sf #hellabreezy #señorbernie #tacosbeforevatos #ohmagawdtacosaremylife 📷 @qu3tzalli415

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nearing the end of the year of our lord 2014 and you people still say “hispanics” no mamen

every time you say hispanic nececitas rezar diez padre nuestros tbh


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